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Modular and Expandable Healthcare Units

Johnson Medical Modular and Expandable Healthcare offers a unique combination of high performance, mobility, functionality, and customisation. It consists of mobile ISO containers that are docked together. Depending on a customer's requirements, Johnson Medical Health Care Facilities can be built to suit different applications:

Mobile Field Hospital

Natural disasters, terrorist and war activities are at all time high, with increasing intensity and severity. Until now the solution has been to evacuate the wounded or injured and transport them to medical care. Johnson Medical takes the opposite approach and utilizes its immediately deployable modular and expandable healthcare units to deliver high quality medical services to stricken areas.

Temporary Healthcare Facilities

Picture above: Temporary Modular Operating Theatre

The priority during the renovation of any healthcare facility is to ensure that disruption to the day-to-day medical services is as minimal as possible. In addition, many hospitals today are operating at or above full capacity and therefore when they embark on renovation or extension projects, they cannot afford to vacate any areas. The result is that patients are usually sent to other hospitals in the vicinity, and at worst, the much needed renovation is postponed, often indefinitely.

By using Johnson Medical modular and expandable units, hospital services can be docked to the main hospital during the length of the renovation. This expandable module can host mobile OTs, ICUs/CCUs/HDUs, cardiac cath labs, X-ray rooms or A&E resuscitation areas. Utilizing these modules, hospitals can operate as usual, with no disruption to the patient flow. A prefabricated container-based hospital can be transported by trucks, tractor-trailers, trains, ships, planes or helicopters and can be easily assembled at site and dismantled for relocation.

All major procedures can be readily performed in an ISO container-based hospital. It is an autonomous system that maintains a complete medical infrastructure similar to the Johnson Medical Operating Theatre. Patients are guaranteed the same high quality treatment as they would receive from a conventional hospital.

The infrastructure of a Johnson Medical container-based hospital is fully designed according to ergonomic principles to reduce accidents, maximize usable space and ensure the comfort of the medical professionals and patients.