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Mobile Healthcare Units

One of the greatest challenges of developing countries in Asia is delivering essential basic healthcare services to rural populations, especially in scattered locations. Shortages of qualified healthcare personnel, high cost of construction and long period for project completion has made building permanent healthcare structures unfeasible in many of these places.

Our answer to this is Johnson Medical Mobile Solutions. Utilizing our mobile clinics, dental units and mobile dialysis centers, we are able to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to this problem

Picture Above: Dialysis Bus
Our design concept takes into consideration the following issues:
  • The medical requirements aspect , which main contractors usually do not understand well.
  • The ease and time factor for transportation and re-location.
  • The environment conditions such as weather, temperatures and humidity level of respective countries.
  • Customer’s key requirements, concerns and expectations, whether they address budget, safety, reliability, time, quality or equipment brand-preference.
The proposed layout is always congruous to all customers’ needs. Depending on a customer’s preference, the components and equipment can be sourced either locally or from international companies.

JM Mobile Healthcare Solutions are suitable for transportation in a variety of vehicles and ensure the comfort of the medical staff and the patients.

Mobile Imaging and Diagnostic Units

Alternative Solution To Hospital Construction
Hospitals are finding a new way to combat the high cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining imaging equipment. Growing in popularity are mobile units that travel to hospitals for limited periods.

Mobile Imaging Equipment
The increasing demand for digitization among hospitals and outreach facilities coupled with the high price of imaging equipment has made the mobile medical imaging industry a vast opportunity. There is a great demand for state-of-the-art mobile equipment in the emergency room, out patient department and the operation theatre.

Mobile equipment is gaining prominence in the field of computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). A trend of deploying mobile imaging equipment, which is transferable from one hospital to another in a specially designed trailer, is also on the upswing.

Mobile Diagnostic Equipment
An increasing number of hospitals and group purchasing organizations have been contracting for mobile services that bring diagnostic equipment to hospitals, allowing them to outsource the procedures and avoid large capital investments.

With Johnson Medical Mobile Imaging and Diagnostics Solutions hospitals that do not have the patient demand to justify the investment in expensive, high-technology equipment--such as lithotripters, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, and cardiac catheterization laboratory equipment--necessary to provide a full range of services to the patients, can create “joint ventures” and share the capital investment in, and the use of sophisticated imaging and diagnostic solutions.

Joint ventures in mobile healthcare equipment help organizations cope with the increasing costs of technology, insufficient density of population in an area and the need for high quality medical care.

Our mobile and diagnostics imaging equipment is easily and safely transferable from one hospital to another in a specially designed trailer.

Mobile Forensic Lab

Mobile Operating Theatre