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Mobile Surgical Unit

Johnson Medical Mobile Surgical Unit is a concept of having a fully equipped and functional operating room that can be transported from one place to another with ease. It is a containerized solution that is equipped with virtually all Johnson Medical products and specifically designed to use as:

Field Hospital
  • for war or disaster relief such as earthquake
  • high degree of mobility and integrated with other units of a field hospital
  • allows emergency surgery to be performed at disaster site

Immediate/ temporary/ permanent extension to an existing hospital (pre-fabricated)
  • during renovation of OR or as a low-cost hospital extension
  • Consist of 3 ISO containers that are docked together through specially designed docking channels for secure fit. This unique design creates a larger size operating room as compared to a common mobile operating room.
  • Adhere to ISO container standard in external size, 30 feet (L) X 10 feet (W), for facilitation of transportation using normal low-bed truck and standard crane.
  • Fully compliant to hospital requirement (HTM 2025, HTM 2022, ASHRAE).
  • Installed and made fully functional within a short period of 3 hours.
  • First of its kind worldwide, a fully functional operating room is separated into two halves during transportation.
  • Compatible to conventional operating room in size and ceiling height, and fully meeting standard operating room hygiene requirements.
  • Fully equipped with Johnson Medical Operating Room Support System (Patented Guided Airflow Ventilation System, Ceiling Fixture, Multi Movement Ceiling Pendants).
  • 100% filtered fresh air from a novel designed ventilation system (patented) that reduces infection rate
  • Maximum flexibility for cabinets and shelves mounting through MediRailsTM System (patented).
  • Other components as featured in the Johnson Medical Operating Room.

  • Lightweight, watertight construction from steel frame and corrugated steel plate portrays better strength, stiffness and structural integrity (as compares to flat sheet metal plates).
  • Roof panels, floor and walls construct from structural polystyrene or foam core for temperature and sound insulating properties.
  • Roof internal insulation and aluminium foil paper finishing reduce surface skin heating effect under high solar load conditions.
  • Featuring induction room, sterile preparation room, sterile store, scrub-up area and the Operating Room with its arrangement complies with the HTM 2025 Medical Healthcare Facilities Requirement.
  • Fully equipped with surgical pendants, operating light, operating table and Guided AirflowTM Ventilation System.
  • Operating Room with standard overall dimension of 6m (W) X 6m (D) X 3m (H)
  • Incorporated a technical room as plant room that is insulated with higher density material to avoid condensation and reduce noise level