Is your hospital at risk of airborne pathogens?

Guided Airflow System for infection control


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The fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, delta (D), is often used to indicate a difference or something incremental. This is precisely what Johnson Medical’s gas terminal unit offers. Its unique patented double-active-valve design resolves the common problem of the first fix gas leakage from a terminal unit when not in use. This unit also features a multi-directional copper pipe attachment, which facilitates the work of the medical gas contractor in selecting the correct configuration. The same terminal unit can accommodate pipes that fed from either left, right, above or below.
  • Incorporates a “double protection” system, with 2 active valves to seal off possible gas leakage in the absence of a probe.

  • Pipe attachment to the base with the ability for rotation through 360o, which gives a multi-directional gas pipe orientation that ease installation.

  • Special non-interchangeable “pin design” allows a supplementary gas (Ethornox) usage, in addition to the traditional 5 gasses.

  • Check-valve on first fix yields maintenance without shutting off main supply.

  • Second fix can be removed easily during maintenance without having to dismantle other parts.

  • Compliant to BS EN 737-1, BS 5682, C11 and HTM 2022.

  • Available types: Bedhead, Rigid & Flexible Pendants (NIST back connection).

  • Made of high quality and compatible materials for prevention of electrolytic corrosion.

  • Available in smaller size to enable the fitting of more numbers into a pendant.

  • User-friendly design for release and engagement of the probe.