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Medical Gas Pendants for ICU / CCU / CICU

Equipment Management Pendant - EMP180D/S
  • The ICU/CCU Equipment Management Pendant (EMP) is designed to be ceiling-mounted ensuring best possible ergonomics. This design provides much improved patient access over conventional mounting systems.
  • It reduces the problems of congestion and possible hazards associated with trailing hoses and cables.
  • Its integrated system incorporates rails and shelves to eliminate/reduce the use of trolleys, and allows for easy cleaning of floor areas.
  • The movable arm system allow it to be positioned at strategic locations besides the patient bed.
  • An aesthetically pleasing environment is provided for patient care services.
  • Specially designed to permit full view of patient and staff.
  • The EMP gives easy access to all services during maintenance and trouble-shooting. It can be configured to the specific requirements of each customer.

Fluid Management Pendant - FMP180D/S
  • The Fluid Management Pendant (FMP) primarily as a support for fluid administration.
  • Eliminates / reduces the need for separate drip stands, hence creating a safer and neater work environment.
  • The FMP is ceiling mounted and ergonomically designed providing superior patient access and mobility.
  • Fully equipped with electrical services to power one or more infusion pumps or other equipment.
  • The configuration of rails can be fully customized.
  • Its modular system enables easy upgrading.